Scientific Program

Day 1 / Hall A - Sep 18, 2020

07:00PM - 08:15PM SESSION I A Dr. S. K. Srivastava
Dr. Prashant Kekre
Dr. J. V. Modi
07:00PM - 07:05PM Introduction Dr. S. K. Srivastava
07:05PM - 07:15PM Case presentation: Missed cervical spine injury Dr.Vijay Kamath
07:15PM - 07:30PM Lecture: Imaging in blunt spinal trauma Dr. Alexander R. Vaccaro
07:30PM - 07:35PM Discussion
07:35PM - 08:15PM Debate: Displaced type 2 odontoid fracture without neurologic deficit in 82 Y/F
07:30PM - 07:41PM Case Presentation Dr. Thomas Kishen
07:41PM - 07:47PM Conservative Dr. Abhay Nene
07:47PM - 07:53PM Anterior odontoid screw fixation Dr. Rajkumar Deshpande
07:53PM - 07:59PM Posterior C1-C2 Fusion Dr. R Satish
07:59PM - 8:15PM Discussion
08:15PM - 08:45PM SESSION I B Dr. Raghav Dutt M
Dr. Suresh Pillai
Dr. Ujjwal Debnath
08:15PM - 08:25PM Case presentation: Displaced Hangman fracture Dr. Vishal Kundnani
08:25PM - 08:40PM Lecture: Algorithm for management of hangman`s fracture Dr. Jens Chapman
08:40PM - 08:45PM Discussion
08:45PM - 09:20PM SESSION I C Dr. Kartik Kailash
Dr. Rushma Tandon
Dr. Uday Phute
08:45PM - 09:10PM Debate: 3 weeks old C5/6 unifacet dislocation without neurologic deficit in 35 Y/M case
08:45PM - 08:51PM Case Presentation Dr. Tushar Rathod
08:51PM - 08:57PM Conservative Dr. Samir Dalvie
08:57PM - 09:03PM Anterior insitu fusion Dr. Ram Chaddha
09:03PM - 09:09PM Posterior +/- anterior reduction Dr. Sajan Hegde
09:10PM - 09:20PM Discussion
09:20PM - 10:20PM SESSION I D Dr. Shankar Acharya
Dr. GR Vijaykumar
Dr. Sarat Chandra
09:20PM - 09:30PM Case presentation: Cervical spine injury in ankylosing spondylitis Dr. Gururaj S
09:30PM - 09:45PM Lecture: Approach to post-traumatic cervical kyphosis in ankylosing spondylitis Dr. Praveen Mummaneni
09:45PM - 09:50PM Discussion
09:50PM - 10:00PM Case presentation: Cervical pseudomeningocoele Dr. Bharat Dave
10:00PM - 10:15PM Lecture: Intraoperative cervical dural tears: A management algorithm Dr. Michael Fehlings
10:15PM - 10:20PM Discussion
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