Scientific Program

Day 2 / Hall A - Sep 19, 2020

08:00AM - 08:40PM SESSION 3 A Dr. Arvind Jayaswal
Dr. Vishal Peshattiwar
Dr. Umesh Srikantha
08:00AM - 08:05AM Introduction Dr. Arvind Jayaswal
08:05PM - 08:15AM Case presentation: Grade II/III spondylolisthesis Dr. Upendra. B. N
08:15AM - 08:30AM Lecture + Video: MIS Reduction + TLIF Dr. Larry Khoo
08:30AM - 08:40AM Discussion
08:40PM - 09:10AM SESSION 3 B
08:40AM - 09:10AM ASSI Awards: (7 min X 4) Dr. H.S.Chhabra
Dr. Ajoy Shetty
ASSI Clinical Research Award: A Prospective Study To Assess The Correlation Between Recurrence Of Symptoms And Sagittal Spinopelvic Imbalance In Lumbar Intervertebral Disc Prolapse Dr. Suresh Pillai
ASSI Basic Research Award: Human Intervertebral Discs Harbor A Unique Microbiome and Dysbiosis Determines Health and Disease Dr. S Rajasekaran
ASSI Young Investigator Award: Lumbar Disc Herniation and Modic changes: Influence on the Clinical Outcomes after Microdiscectomy Dr. Dinesh K
ASSI Reseach Grant Award 1: Comparision of multifidus fatty infiltration in various lumbar degenerative pathologies Dr. Naresh Babu
09:10AM - 10:30AM SESSION 3 C Dr. HS Chhabra
Dr. Shekar Bhojraj
Dr. Shankaracharya
09:10AM - 09:40AM Presidential Guest Oration: An Editor's tips on getting research accepted for publication Prof. Lisa Harvey
09:40AM - 10:10AM Presidential Oration Dr. H. S. Chhabra
10:10AM - 10:30AM Launch of ASSI`s E-learning program Dr. H. S. Chhabra
02:30PM - 03:00PM General Body Meeting
07:00PM - 08:00PM Session 3 D Dr. Anil Jain
Dr. Nalli Uvaraj
07:05PM - 07:20PM Lecture: Current clinical guidelines for treatment of ossification of spinal ligaments Dr. Yoshiharu Kawaguchi
07:20PM - 07:35PM Lecture: Disc to endplate - A shift in focus Dr. S. Rajasekaran
07:35PM - 07:50PM Lecture: Sacral insufficiency fracture Dr. Bhavuk Garg
07:50PM - 08:00PM Discussion
08:00PM - 09:15PM Session 3 E Dr. Subir Jhaveri
Dr. Chirayu Pamecha
Dr. Abrar Ahmed
Dr. Kalidutta Das
08:00PM - 08:05PM Introduction Dr. Subir Jhaveri
08:05PM - 08:20PM Lecture: Surgery for Symptomatic sacral Tarlov Cysts: Techniques, pearls & pitfalls Dr. Ripul Panchal
08:20PM - 08:35PM Lecture + Video: Techniques for Sacropelvic fixation Dr. Gabriel Liu
08:35PM - 08:45PM Discussion
08:45PM - 08:55PM Case presentation: Transverse sacral fracture Dr. Rishi Kanna
08:55PM - 09:10PM Lecture: Classification & algorithm for management of sacral fractures Dr. Carlo Bellabarba
09:10PM - 09:15PM Discussion
09:15PM - 10:40PM Session 3 F Dr. Gautam Zaveri
Dr. Sajesh Menon
Dr. Kenny David
Dr. Priyank Patel
09.15PM - 09.25PM Case presentation: Sacral chordoma Dr. Naresh Babu
09.25PM - 09.40PM Lecture & Video: Distal sacrectomy Dr. Jeremy Reynolds
09.40PM - 09.45PM Discussion
09.45PM - 09:55PM Case presentation: Large sacral GCT Dr.ShankarAcharya
09:55PM - 10.10PM Lecture: Current trends in management of large sacral GCTs Dr.Charles Fisher
10.10PM - 10.25PM Lecture + Video: Total sacrectomy with reconstruction Dr.Laurence D Rhines
10.25PM - 10.40PM Discussion
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