Scientific Program

Day 2 / Hall B - Sep 19, 2020

07:00PM - 07:55PM Session 4 A Dr. Arvind Bhave
Dr. Rupinder Chahal
Dr. Ravi Venkatesan
Dr. Mahesh Bijjawara
07:00PM - 07:05PM Introduction Dr. Arvind Bhave
07:05PM - 07:15PM Case presentation: OVCF Dr. Vikas Tandon
07:15PM - 07:30PM Lecture: Classification, natural history and algorithm for management of OVCFs Dr. Klaus Schnake
07:30PM - 07:35PM Lecture: Current Role and Timing of Vertebroplasty in the Management of OVCFs in the era of teriparatide Dr. Lorin M.Benneker
07:45PM - 07:55PM Discussion
07:55PM - 10:40PM Session 4 B Dr. Agnivesh Tikoo
Dr. Dhiraj Sonawane
Dr. Ashok Thomas
Dr. Saheel Maajid
Free Paper Session (4mins + 2 mins) X 26
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